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A fragrant ramble

CASK No. C3.1
150,00 £
57 erhältlich
Alkoholgehalt des Whiskys 50.9%
Cask Type Cognac Barrel
Whiskyregion Cognac - Grande Champagne


Our journey began in the high mountain meadows dotted with delicate flowers releasing a musk perfume aroma into the air that mingled with linseed oil and fine oak sawdust left over from wood cutting. Descending the air became warmer and we found ourselves firstly amongst bushes of blackcurrants and geraniums and then taylor’s gold pear trees, kumquats, lemon trees and finally pink grapefruit. The air was hot now and carried a spiciness of nutmeg, cinnamon and muscovado sugar. We quenched our thirsts with some fizzy apple juice as we passed a rum agricole distillery to find ourselves now on a dry and dusty plain.