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August Virtual Tasting - Belgium

Halle (Belgium)
Datum Freitag, 14. August 2020
UHRZEIT 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Ort Belgium


Our August Virtual Tasting Pack is live in the shop! We’re celebrating all things sci-fi, so we're delving into the world of technology and whisky, and we'll all be getting our geek on together! 

The 14th of August, mark that date in your calendars, the SMWS Benelux August virtual tasting is planned with this pack containing the following drams: 7.242 Magical fairy dust, 135.23 A shape-shifting chimera, 58.38 In a sunny lemon grove, 112.54 Uncle Monty Goes Burgling, 122.31 Tarry tarry night. 

Our Brand Ambassador Chris Lauriers will guide you through the evening.

You can order your pack here:

Members:                                                                          https://www.smws.com/august-virtual-tasting-pack

Non-Members:                                                                  https://www.smws.com/august-virtual-tasting-pack-7885


We will share more info on the upcoming August tasting soon, but be sure to order your pack quickly in the shop so it arrives in time!