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August Virtual Tasting - UK

Datum Donnerstag, 13. August 2020
UHRZEIT 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Ort UK


In August we take a deep dive into whisky knowledge coupled with a sci-fi theme. 

In this edition of our virtual members tasting we will be combining our whisky knowledge base and taking a deep dive into a well-known distillery in the southern Highlands, known for making their spirit in 11 different ways. We will also be bringing our playful Society element by incorporating a sci-fi theme. 

Do you know the difference between reflux and a flux capacitator, worm tubs and worm holes? Our two ambassadors John McCheyne and Dr Andy Forrester will navigate us through the scientific element of our whiskies.

Get set for 8pm on 13 August where we will beam directly to you

To purchase your tasting packs please click below:

Members:                                                                          https://www.smws.com/august-virtual-tasting-pack

Non-Members:                                                                  https://www.smws.com/august-virtual-tasting-pack-7885

We will be streaing from our Facebook page and also our youtube channel www.youtube.com/smwssilverscreen.

58.38 - In a sunny lemon grove - 2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel - 7yrs 

135.23 A shape-shifting chimera - 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel – 10yrs 

112.54 Uncle Monty Goes Burgling - 1st fill barrique ex redwine – 18yrs 

7.242 Magical fairy dust - Refill ex-bourbon hogshead – 26yrs 

122.31-Tarry tarry night - 2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel – 5yrs