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Grog myrtle

CASK No. 53.321
69,00 £
0 erhältlich
Alkoholgehalt des Whiskys 58.8%
Alter 11 years
Distilled Date - - -
Cask Type Refill Bourbon Hogshead
Whiskygeschmack Peated
Whisky-Outturn 1 of 265 bottles
Whiskyregion Islay


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A furnace of smoky malt bins, coal dust, soot, anthracite embers, tar extract and beach wood. And yet there's a fragrant minerality as well. Things like chalk, green peppercorns in brine, anchovies and sea greens. A deceptively gentle side emerges. Water throws up dried lemon thyme, bog myrtle, oily grog, cinnamon on toast, smoked oatmeal, dried mint, waxed canvass and paraffin. Some oatcakes with black pepper and chilli. The palate is riddled with sea buckthorn, gorse, coastal flowers, seaweed, miso broth, crab sticks and tarragon. Lots of thick cooking oils, spicy ramen, Elastoplast, aniseed balls and a lyrical waft of peat smoke. With reduction comes lemon cough medicine, ointments, embrocations and smoked chipotle sauce. Mineral salts, bath bombs, cider vinegar and hot 1980s television static. An old sheep skin rug doused in TCP.