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CASK No. 28.42, 44.123, 55.57, 72.80, 112.38 & 113.26
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28.42 - We thought the nose complex – fruity and woody (blackcurrant bush, balsa wood, pine nuts, lemongrass, peach stone) with some butter pastry, Chinese five-spice and paint. The neat palate delivered sweet fruit flans – e.g. gooseberry tart and apricot Danish, with light chilli tingles at the end. The reduced nose combined furniture polish, cake dough and sultanas in brandy with a zesty, sherbety aspect of tart pineapple and Cranachan*. Even in reduction, we found the palate quite intense – some ginger and wasabi warmth, but mainly a very tasty and more-ish sweet and sour sensation of marmalade, sour apple sweets and Haribo sour worms. (*Scottish dessert combining honey, cream, whisky, oatmeal and raspberries)

44.123 - We imagined sitting in the changing room of a boxer getting ready to enter the arena, the aromas of toffee sweetness, salted caramel and butterscotch from the expectant audience reaching back stage. On the palate neat the first round started and the first punch was heavy – dry and spicy as we hit the polished wooden floor boards of the ring. Having ‘survived’ the initial onslaught we were sitting in our corner. Water had revived us and the scent of Vaseline on the cut as well as the adrenaline in our veins led us to finally win the fight and we wore the leather title belt over our shoulder - sweet taste of victory!

55.57 - We found ourselves amongst grassy meadows and fields of dry, ploughed earth with the sweet smell of pollen in the air. Buttery and creamy textures danced across grapefruit and vanilla rice pudding as notes of tobacco and leather mingled on a palate of ginger and spices. Sweet fruit jelly sweets then appeared with a glass of cloudy apple juice before we added a dash of water. We now found further spice with freshly cut flowers and the soft fruits of oranges, pears and clementines. Oat cakes joined rhubarb crumble garnished with crystalised ginger as honey melted on crumpets. Herbal notes appeared towards the finish where they were joined by thick staves of seasoned oak.

72.80 - The nose billows with candy floss, caramel popcorn, toffee sauce, lemon blossom, fresh barley, warm grist and baking soda. A cosy and warming sensation. Water brings out mint leaf, engine oil, rye bread, sun lotion, lychee and pineapple jelly. The mouth bursts with fruity muesli, truffle oil, white flowers, dry toast, sunflower seeds, lamp oil and fresh linen. A warmth of nutmeg spreads over time and there’s some sweetened whipped cream in there too. Reduced it becomes grassy with lemon oils, a tang of raspberry sorbet, chopped parsley, hessian and an earthy goats cheese fug.

112.38 - Aromas were delivered to us in a wooden crate and undeniably tilted in the direction of tangy fruit. The line between orange marmalade and apricot jam blurred into a haze of fermenting cider and spicy fruit chutney. Amidst the zest and tang came softer and funkier frontiers that dipped from sweet mushrooms into bread dough and the oiliness of lanolin. The sweetness returned in the form of crème brulee and orange soufflé, served with a rather generous helping of hazelnut whipped cream. The tongue tingled with cloves and crystalised ginger with the tangy vavoom of orange skin and cranberries in tagine spices. Darker notes followed, chocolate sauce over venison served with full-bodied red wine that lined the finish with fine tannins and crushed walnuts.

113.26 - A zestful nose strolled forth full of vitality and eagerness as fresh lemons and pineapple joined orange zest and grapefruit. A strong sense of dry, clean straw saddled with banana skins while strong herbaceous overtones delivered tarragon, rosemary and thyme. With a few deep breaths the character softened towards malt cereals and powdered milk, giving chalky textures that bonded to peach yoghurt and ripe mandarin. Water provided us with fresh apricots and plums with a sprinkle of lime zest and lemon sherbet. Dusty oak sawdust meandered with vanilla pods and dried cranberries with a lively touch of physalis. Retaining an appealing enthusiasm until the end we were treated to a creamy finish that combined oily citrus skins with fruits soaked in brandy.