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Home entertainment trio

CASK No. 63.55, 80.13 & 85.59
140,00 £
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63.55 - We imagined walking through a fresh fruit market on a hot day with aromas of ripe peaches, pomelos, mangos and lychees. We needed refreshment so sat down at a bar in the market and ordered a spiced fruit smoothie. It was sweet and creamy with a gingery hit at first followed by turmeric and a slightly tart finish. After a drop of water we ordered chia honey lemon cake and banana, mango and peach sorbet and washed it all down with a glass of pink grapefruit flavoured water infused with ripe cantaloupe essence – tangy with a touch of sweetness.

80.13 - An indulgent aroma of very creamy rum and raisin ice cream met the Panel at first before the refreshing and luscious scent of pure pressed white grape juice was added to the mix. Refreshing on the palate neat - like Fisherman’s Friend extra, extra strong throat lozenges – it stung like a bee and took our breath away as we looked for water. On the nose again very relaxing – imagine hanging out linen on the line next to a field with freshly rolled hay bales in a sun-warmed breeze and now (with enough water) soft, smooth and silky like a butterfly in the wind.

85.59 - Classic distillery character at first with notes of lemon scented floor wax, furniture polish, floral cleaning fluids, hessian sack cloth, dry biscuity notes, cereals, elderflowers, hay loft, fabric, dried apricots, throat lozenges and orange oils. Water gives us fresh paint, putty, wool, sourdough bread, toasted seeds, geraniums, lavender, old inkwells, raw cactus and chopped mixed herbs. To taste it is initially full of mint julep, cedar wood cigar boxes, lamp oil, gentle earthiness, tangerine flowers, blackcurrant, heather honey, ginger biscuits and tea tree oil. After reduction we get candy floss, treacle, sunflower oil, limestone, warm grist, 80 shilling ale, tiger balm and lemon peel in weiss beer with a wedge of polenta cake.