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July Virtual tasting Sweden

Eskilstuna (Sweden)
Datum Montag 13 Juli 2020
UHRZEIT 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Ort 63342 Eskilstuna


In July we are celebrating the American impact on Scotch whisky, celebrating the humble bourbon cask and the foodie scene in the US. Our ambassador Klaus Bitschnau will guide you through these five contrasting whiskies. We have bottlings from bourbon, madeira, sherry and red wine casks to make your flavour fireworks explode! We dive into the history of the bourbon cask, suggest how to use our Society casks in classic American cocktails, the Manhattan or a perfect Sazerac. Join us with a burger or two and settle into a fun and entertaining evening.

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35.261 - General Custard - 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel - Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

30.112 - Umami heaven! - 1st fill butt ex-Spanish Oak Sherry - Spicy & Sweet

39.195 - Starch of the penguins - Refill hogshead ex-bourbon - Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

53.325 - When two powerful pearls meet - Refill hogshead ex-madeira - Peated

46.91 - Mulled whisky - 1st fill barrique ex-red wine Spicy & Dry