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CASK No. 112.16
55,00 £
0 erhältlich
Alkoholgehalt des Whiskys 60.5%
Alter 10 years
Distilled Date 28 April 2006
Cask Type First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Whiskygeschmack Juicy, oak & vanilla
Whisky-Outturn 1 of 225 bottles
Whiskyregion Highland - Süd


Something of a shape-shifter, this; the nose starts with cauliflowers scattered on a new carpet, but the caulis soon become white chocolate mice, Werthers, pear-drops and sherbet lemons; there is also new oak and vanilla. The hot, sweet palate gives honey, lemon bonbons, humbugs and restrained wasabi. Water turns the nose fruitier momentarily, before stirring up a mix of herbs and spices – lavender, thyme, white pepper, Olbas oil and hints of sweet and sour Chinese. The reduced palate offers lebkuchen, pear belle Helene and honey lemon Lockets, with gentle spices haunting the hinterland (clove, black-jack chews, black and white striped balls).