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Virtual Tasting The Gathering - Italy

Milan (Italy)
Datum Freitag, 18. September 2020
UHRZEIT 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Ort Italy


I nostri ambassador Mauro e Alessandro Leoni vi guideranno in una straordinaria Virtual Tasting con dei malti appositamente selezionati per celebrare il Gathering 2020.


To enjoy the online offer, use the promo code ALLTOGETHERTASTING10 when booking your tasting tickets (for tastings events in August or September) OR Virtual Tasting pack “The Gathering” in September (this can be viewed as well at a later stage). The discount can be applied to two tickets or packs in your basket. Both offers are valid until Wednesday 30, September.

Mauro Leoni:

I started collecting whisky bottles in 1990 and founded the GluGlu2000 club where we organize whisky dinners every 2 month to taste and discover whisky. Whisky is ideal for food pairing. We Italians appreciate beauty and taste so bottle design was, beside taste and distilleries, another reasion to grow my collection. I contribute on a regular basis to WHISKYBASE and I enjoy bottling my own exclusive single malts with special labels.